Melkbos Moments

We love to travel, see new places and make new friends accross the globe. We are passionate to explore foreign cities, its people and food. We also love to play tourist in our own City and Country and explore our own secret hideaways. In our travels our needs are basic but we have a high standard when it comes to where we stay. We've used our own experiences to create a space at Melkbos Moments where any traveller will feel welcome, enjoying all the little luxuries that are necessary for a pleasant stay, but without costing a fortune.

Melkbos Moments started as an idea, to bring vistors to our beautiful West Coast Village and share our passion with travellers from any place in the world and show them what our " West Coast Hospitality" is all about. For the weary traveller, this will be the ideal place to catch up with yourself, enjoy the seaside village life style and become part of the locals. For the Sport enthusiast there is plenty to do from early morning till sunset. Your sport equipment can safely be stored on the property, but at own risk.

Melkbos Moments will provide you with a unique self catering unit which will be serviced once a week at an additional cost with clean bedding and towls. A Gas BBQ is available to enjoy a lamb chop, steak or fresh fish in real South African tradition. Come and explore Melkbos, come and make your own memories and moments at our seaside village at the sourthern tip of Africa.

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